Winter Classic Competition- March 1 and 2, 2019

Ella and Lauren McLean, Colette Kernaleguen  and Tia Strukoff  attended  the Winter Classic Competition in Saskatoon on March 1 and 2.  Their results are as follows:


Tia Strukoff- Freeskate Pre-Juvenile U13- Bronze

Colette Kernaleguen-Freeskate Star 6- 7th

Ella McLean-Freeskate Star 4- Gold

Lauren McLean Freeskate Star 2- Gold


Tia Strukoff- Elements Star 6- Silver

Colette Kernaleguen- Elements Star 6- 7th

Ella McLean- Elements Star 4- 4th

Lauren McLean- Elements Star 2-Gold


Tia Strukoff-Interpretive Bronze- Silver

Colette Kernaleguen- Interpretive Gold-4th

Ella McLean-Intertive Bronze- 6tt

Well done skaters!